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Customised Lunch Box Singapore

Dec 15

Customised Lunch Box Singapore - Ideal Corporate Gifts for promotions

An extended day of studying, or at work can make you exhausted. Whatever your location it is impossible to beat an energy-packed meal or fast snack available for a quick boost. They also make great corporate present options because of their practicality.


Customised lunch box Singapore have advanced beyond the age of the kindergarten level, and are now gaining ground with the most practical workers in the workplace. With a range of stylish designs and features that are worth the price These unassuming containers help you to do additional benefits to your everyday life:


More alternatives: Bring your most loved foods away from your home securely and safely. A customised lunch box Singapore that is custom-designed allows for different sizes to choose the size you prefer.

Healthier The food you include in your lunchbox is dependent on you and your family, a safe lunch box allows you to bring healthy snacks that are difficult to carry in other ways such as fruit slices or granola that is single-serve from your kitchen. In addition, a lunchbox's normal size can assist in controlling portion sizes and variety to ensure balanced meals.

More economical eating out can be enjoyable however, it's expensive. Packing lunch boxes in Singapore is a fantastic way to save money on meals by bringing your meals from your home to work or to school.


Lunch Box Singapore Made Fun With Customization

If you think customised lunch box Singapore aren't stylish, consider a different perspective. Get rid of your "boring lunchbox" stigma and transform a standard lunchbox to break through the clutter by using simple and easily replicated choices for customization.


Corporate clients can benefit by putting your company's logo on lunch boxes to create unique corporate gifts is a great way to market your brand to a large market. Additionally, personalised gifts in Singapore are popular for those who want to transform cheap gift ideas into valuable ones.


A Customised Lunch Box Singapore For Everyone

The market for lunchbox gifts is all around - from personalized corporate gifts to campaign promotional items from your favourite brands. With all the options available to choose from, how do you pick the right lunch box for your customers?


For those who love food The Full Meal Lunch Box

You can give them to kids in classes or groups of foodies Lunch boxes with compartments for multiple compartments will provide a nutritious meal for anyone who loves food.

This is a two compartment lunchbox saves space, but doesn't sacrifice portions of food, and has snap locks to ensure that there's nothing that falls over. If you're looking to eliminate the lunch bag certain lunch boxes have handles as well.

If you're looking to take the whole gift package to the next level, opt to this lunch box that has the addition of a cutting board and a cutlery holder or this lunchbox with separate container and cutting board holders together in one location. By combining these items, lunchbox users will never be left out of their food.


For Sustainable Eaters: The Eco Lunch Box

An environment that is socially conscious can lead to the rise of foodies who wish to consume responsibly. And containers aren't immune to this type of advocacy. Even though putting lunch in containers that are recyclable can reduce the use of single-use plastics. But what do you do to take sustainability to the next level by selecting products that are robust and environmentally friendly?

Bioplastic made from wheat straw which is slowly becoming popular as an eco-friendly alternative of petroleum-based plastics. It is durable and safe for food. straw fibre makes eating sustainable and stylishly, simple. You can pick one of these bioplastic rectangular or large customised lunch box Singapore to accommodate every kind of food. Lunch boxes can also be equipped with cutlery made of wheat straw that allow you to give a eco-friendly meal option.


For Snackers: The Flexible Lunch Box

Many people prefer large meals Others prefer light meals. While the majority of lunchbox options are geared towards the latter but there are plenty of eaters who prefer smaller meals and snacks with them on the move.

Make them feel special by offering adorable lunch boxes that can also be used as snack containers as well as portion control packs for diet plans, and sampler containers to test new products. The collapsible lunch boxes such as this one made of silicon lunchbox or this small circular snap-seal lunch box make meal preparation and transportation a breeze.


For Everyone Else: The Customised Lunch Box Singapore

Do your customers fit any of the above lists? It's possible to consider a completely customised lunchbox Singapore with logo printing. It's true that a meal tastes different when it's eaten in your own way.


Personalised Lunch Box in Singapore

Are you looking to purchase unique and personalised presents for someone important or special? Find customized gifts from us as we provide a low cost for customisation beginning with a minimum order of 100 pieces.


Where To Buy A Customised Lunch Box In Singapore?


A excellent corporate gift provider from Singapore for lunch boxes requires having affordable corporate gifts available With a range of gifts available, you can choose printing services that allow you to design custom gifts. Find over 500 products including totes bags, games and toys stationery, corporate and toy gifts in Singapore.


Aquaholic is able to meet all of these requirements and more. Aquaholic has been bringing thousands of fantastic door-to-door gift ideas from Singapore to fruition from 2003 onwards, Aquaholic will bring you latest lunchbox gift ideas to your door without burning holes in your wallet.


Take a look at the other customised lunch box Singapore designs to see the difference in how more the lunch box could be for your clients and yourself!