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Customised Lunch Box Singapore

Jan 14

Customised Lunch Box Singapore can be an ideal way for businesses and other organizations to advertise their brand and improve productivity and morale of employees. However, with the many choices available, it may be overwhelming to know what to choose when creating the perfect lunchbox for your business. In this blog we'll explore the 10 ways you can design your own lunchbox that can help your company be noticed and leave an impact.

  1. Make use of bright and bold colors for your customised lunch box Singapore: Bright and striking colors are a great option to make your unique lunchbox stand out. Pick colors that align with the color scheme of your company and ensure that they are attractive and easy to recognize.

  2. Include a slogan or tagline An engaging tagline or slogan is a great method to add a unique flavor to your customised lunch box , and create a lasting impression. Choose a font that is compatible with your company's overall style of design.

  3. Choose a unique shape Instead of a standard rectangular or square lunchbox think about a custom shape that is unique to your company. It could be anything from a hexagonal shape to a heart-shaped lunchbox according to your company's general design style.

  4. Bring a sense of fun Custom lunch box by adding an engaging cartoon or illustration which reflects the personality of your company. It could range from a cartoon mascot , to an engaging illustration.

  5. Choose a transparent design Transparent designs are an excellent method to make your customised lunch box more visually intriguing and appealing. This could be a transparent plastic container with your company's logo or design printed on it or a lid made of clear that has an appealing design under.

  6. Make a theme: Design an personalised lunch box which is associated with your brand. For instance restaurants could create lunch boxes that follow the idea of picnic baskets.

  7. Utilize an 3D effect Use the 3D effect will make your lunch box look more interesting and captivating. It could range including a design that is raised, to an textured surface.

  8. A handle can be added Add a handle your customized lunchbox will make it more practical and convenient to carry. It could be a simple plastic handle or an sophisticated leather or rope handles, dependent on your brand's general design aesthetic.

  9. Utilize a metallic finish A metallic finish can give the look of elegance to your personalized lunchbox and make it look more appealing visually. It could be anything from a silver or gold foil to a metallic paint that shines.

  10. Make sure you choose a matte-finish: A matte finish will give your lunchbox more refined and sophisticated appearance. This is an excellent choice for a more professional or formal brand.

These are only some of the many ways to design an individual lunchbox for your business. If you think outside of the box and trying out different materials, colors and styles, you can make a lunch box that's truly distinctive and represents the personality and beliefs of the business.

In the end, customised lunch box Singapore can be a fantastic option for companies and organizations to advertise their brand and improve the morale of their employees and increase productivity. With bold and vibrant colors, you can add an ad or slogan with a unique design, with a splash of personality with an opaque design, creating the theme using the 3D effect, and adding an handle, and using metallic or matte finish, you can design an individual lunch box that is unique and represents the character as well as the values that define your company. Keep the general design style and enjoy the process.